Voltage Group Investment Offer:


  • Land plots which are have been chosen specially for solar power plant projects development. All the land documents are ready for design works launch.

  • Feasibility studies development

  • Engineering  Consultancy Services.

  • Full administrative support: dealing with all local and state governmental and non-governmental bodies.

  • Best equipment and materials suppliers direct deals (Asia, Europe, USA etc).

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).

  • Balancing and Commissioning.

  • Green Tariff (Feed-In Tariff) Obtaining Administrative Support

  • Service



We have well-developed business relations with Ukrainian banks, private and institutional investors in solar energy projects. Co-financing options:

  1. Partnership with Voltage Group

  2. Partnership with Private Investors

  3. Partnership with Institutional Investors

  4. Bank Loans

  5. Your suggested option.

Please feel free to contact our Business Development Department to get more information about current investment opportunities

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Latest News:

‌The first amendment adjusting Green Tariff System Approved to the Electricity Law (Law no 10183) was adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament on 20 Nov 2012 and went into force on 1st April 2013. The amendment introduced FITs for biogas and solar rooftops and facade installations. Also, the local content requirement was introduced. The local content requirement was set to gradually grow and reach 50% level. Only hydropower and plants and solar rooftops and facade installations are exempted from this rule.

The second amendment of the Green Tariff System was introduced on 4th of June 2015 scrapping local content requirement introduced in 2013. Instead, the local content premium was introduced. Plants using components produced locally will receive additional premium paid on top of the regular feed-in tariff. 

  • 5% premium for 30% local content sourced;

  • 10% premium for 50% local content sourced.

Under the new rules, the feed-in tariff levels in local currency will be adjusted every quarter based on the exchange rate of EUR to UAH starting from June 2015. Under previous legislation, tariff rates were adjusted on a monthly basis. 

Households with renewable installations under 30 kW are now eligible for the FIT support.